This is my capstone project of the “Udacity Virutal Reality Developer Nanodegree” program with focus on software development for high-end VR hardware. CUBE DANCER is a VR rhythm game, that puts you in dance battles against mysterious opponents. Each with its own unique dance style. The goal is to study their moves. Hit all the cubes that are thrown at you. And become the best cube dancer of them all.



In three unique levels the player faces three different cube dancers. Each of them with its own dance style that features for example “Gangnam Style” or Michael Jacksons “Thriller” moves. The music is provided by three amazing artist, who decided to put their music under creative commons licensing:

Six Umbrellas // Broke for Free // Varia

The game mechanics are introduced by a cube named Hank. At the beginning he is mocking the player and implements to hit him. In this story based tutorial the user learns the one simple game mechanic: “hitting cubes”. In each level the number of struck cubes is added to a score. At the end Hank comments on the final score. There are four different outcomes, depending on how well the player did.

Because this was my final capstone project several requirements had to be achieved in order to get my nanodegree in virtual reality development. In the following video all achievements of the project are listed.

>>Click here<< to find out more about the story of progress.

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