Starcollector VR


This project was developed in the framework of the Udacity VR Developer Nanodegree program with focus on software development for High End VR Hardware like HTC Vive and Occulus Rift. StarCollector VR is a physics based puzzle game. The task of the game is to collect all available stars with a ball and then hit a goal on the ground. The player can spawn different objects to create a Rube Goldberg chain reaction that enables the ball to collect all of the stars without touching the ground. See the “Walkthrough Video” bellow for clarification.



The 4 unique levels were created in Tilt Brush and then implemented in the Unity Engine. All levels react to the music and provide a appealing light show while the player is solving the puzzles (Music by Six Umbrellas (CC)). The level of difficulty rises as the player proceeds. Up to four different object types need to be handled in order to achieve the goal.

>>Click here<< to find out more about the story of progress.

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